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Sixth Sense - Underground Sanctuary

Venus is under attack! Unfathomable horrors are besieging the Amazonian astronauts outpost. The scantily-clad Amazonians fight back valiantly but are overwhelmed by all those temptingly indecent tentacles. Queer special forces, dispatched from Mars, arrive just in time, and lustily join the fight. To their delight, they are soon outflanked and aroused by relentless friction with the enemy. All the combatants surrender to pleasure and the fight degenerates into a kaleidoscope of sweaty bodies, sensually intertwined, writhing rhythmically around the alien outpost.

Join us on planet Venus for a wickedly hedonistic experience


Doors open at 21:00 so come early! We’ll play chill ambient electronic music until midnight so you can enjoy the special performances and titillatingly playful workshop activities. Throughout the night, we’ll be pampering all your senses – vibrant sounds, gorgeous visuals, soft skin, seductive aromas, and a candy shop to delight your taste buds! Plus the vital, essential Sixth Sense: human connection.


Space is full of hazards! To survive the enormity of darkness, we recommend wearing shiny outfits inspired by movies like Barbarella (1968) and Flash Gordon (1980). Use brightly colored cladding to signal your position and proclivities to other astronauts and flirt with the Queer Marine Corp. Or enter stealth mode by choosing your favorite dark kinky outfit. We encourage you to be creatively fabulous and səxy. Come as radiant and queer as you like – wear as much or as little as you, please!

Pickers will be at the door between 21:00 – 06:00 to ensure entry is only granted to spacefarers who can endure this sensual alien landscape. After 6:00 our dress code will stop and DAS normally dress code will continue. Please ensure your outfit only appropriates alien cultures and intergalactic religions – not real ones.


The Sixth Sense is a sensual space where consent is paramount. You’ll find both open play areas and a spacious red room for couples only. Toxic, disrespectful, and unsafe behavior of any sort will NOT be tolerated. Reports of any consent violations to our Consent Angels will warrant a prompt and swift response, and the offender/s removed from the venue. We reserve the right to reject people at the door without explanation.


00:00-02:00 Zo fus (he/him)
02:00-04:30 Just Emma (he/him – she/her)
04:30-06:30 The Hunts (he/him – she/her)
06:30-Closing Neri J (she/her)


21:00-00:00 PolarBear (he/him)
00:00-02:00 MILAS (he/him)
02:00-04:00 PAVI (she/her)
04:00-06:00 Matriark (she/her)


Playroom – Primal Play by Cherie Ellen (she/her)
Lounge – Sensual communication by Forholdsvis (he/him – she/her)
Dance Floor – Open your f*cking hips by Fie Sommer (she/her)


Michiel Tange van Leeuwen
Pelin Duran (she/her)
Rope session – Gaby & Nel (she/her – they/them)

MAKEUP 21:00-02:00

Sabine Ellingsgaard Mortensen (she/her)
Marie Louise Herløvsen (she/her)
Lasma Vitolina (she/her)
Zandra Monique Bennetzen (she/her)


Seventh Heaven by Lukka Thaves (they/them)


Suji Varma (he/him)
Eloïse Delphine Belair (she/her)


Get Involved? We believe in the power of collaboration and are excited to invite partners to join us on our journey. If you share our passion and values, we highly recommend signing up via our Google form. We are actively seeking: bartenders, servants, makeup artists, costume designers, performers, workshop facilitators, decoration team and consent team Join us at Sixth Sense, where sensuality and artistry unite to create unforgettable experiences. Together, we can explore the extraordinary dimensions of the human experience while fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and empowerment. We look forward to creating magic with you.

Sixth Sense

Join us on a voyage through art, music, intimacy, and desire.

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